Social Enterprises’ Analytical Model

Chantier de l’économie sociale

Year: 2008

The theme of the “Social Enterprises’ Analytical Model” workshop introduces an analytical process specific to social enterprises (npn-profits and co-ops) and is intended for financiers, analysts, coaches, consultants and fund managers who want to have a better understanding of the special features of these enterprises and thus make an informed decision on financing


  • Explore the Social Economy Enterprise Analytical Model developed by Réseau d’Investissement Social du Québec (RISQ).
  • Understand the approach based on the parameters of the social economy.
  • Draw inspiration from different practices to renew your own practice.

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Workbook’s goals
3. Social Economy in Quebec – Definition
4. Analytical Model
4.1 Global analysis
4.2 Entrepreneurial approach
            4.3 Organizational vitality
4.4 Democratic management
4.5 Mission
4.6 Grounded in the community
4.7 Market
4.8 Operations
4.9 Human Resources
4.10 Financial profile
4.11 Social benefit
4.12 Implementation
5. Analysis report and Overall evaluation grid
6. Grids

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