Social Enterprises and the Ontario Disability Support Program Case Study: Charles Printing (Prescott-Russell)

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Nordik Institute,The Ontario Trillium Foundation

Year: 2006

Charles Printing is a self-described „affirmative business which provides printing services to customers in Hawkesbury. Such services include colour printing and copying, and tasks related to print finishing such as collating materials. Answering the telephone, photocopying, laminating, and filing are just a few examples of duties Lucie Jenevieve Roch, a Charles Printing Employee of more than two years, performs during her shifts. Roch was introduced to Groupe CONVEX by her mother and began working with Hawkesbury Packaging before moving into her current position with Charles Printing.

The Services to Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell (SCAPR) offers a variety of supports to vulnerable individuals (SCAPR, 2007). Although SCAPR‟s clients already were experiencing some social exclusion related to their disability, trying to enter the workforce created additional challenges to their participation (Arcand, 2007). The development of competitive employment opportunities for vulnerable individuals faces particular challenges in rural areas such as the county of Prescott-Russell due to high levels of unemployment and the lack of public transportation (Arcand, 2007). To address these challenges and to move away from the client based model, affirmative enterprises were created (Groupe CONVEX, n.d.a). Groupe CONVEX focuses on the expansion of innovative businesses and the creation of conditions in the workplace that positively impact employees (Groupe CONVEX, n.d.a).

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