Social Enterprises and the Ontario Disability Support Program Case Study: Jarrett Value 2 Cooperative (Sudbury)

The Canadian CED Network, The Ontario Trillium Foundation

Year: 2006

Jarret Value 2 Cooperative operated as a quality second hand retail store in downtown Sudbury. The store was cooperatively owned and run by individuals with developmental disabilities creating training and employment experience for themselves while providing a valuable service to their community.

Like many social enterprises, the Jarrett Value 2 Cooperative grew out of an existing social service agency, Sudbury Developmental Services (SDS). SDS is a transfer payment agency for the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) which began in the early 1950s with several parents of developmentally disabled children who were concerned about their education. The parents came together and built a school, which over the years evolved into an association providing day, respite and residential services for developmentally disabled individuals. These services offer life skills and vocational training to individuals who are often marginalized. SDS began providing job skills and readiness training, initially through the Jarrett Resource Centre (JRC) in the 1950s, and more recently through the Jarrett Value Centre (JVC), both of which began as „sheltered workshops.

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