Social investment: a force for social change – UK Strategy 2016

Government of the United Kingdom

Year: 2016

The UK is widely recognised as the most advanced social investment market in the world.

This domestic strategy outlines how, over the next 5 years, the government will:

  • use social investment to transform public services
  • grow the social economy
  • strengthen the social investment marketplace

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Social investment is a tool to help organisations increase their social impact. It helps many social sector organisations do more by providing the capital that they need to deliver their services, grow or become more sustainable. Governments around the world are increasingly recognising the potential of social investment. It is supporting economic growth, driving the innovation needed to deliver public services in the 21st century and, ultimately, tackling some of the most difficult social challenges that we face.

Table of Contents

Foreword from the Minister for Civil Society
The social investment market: at a glance
Chapter 1: Why Government supports social investment
Chapter 2: Government’s progress on its commitments
Chapter 3: Current trends in the market
Chapter 4: Supporting market growth in 2016/17