Sowing the seeds of Solidarity Economy: Asian experiences

Binary University College, Malaysia

Author +
Benjamin R Quinones Jr

Year: 2012

There is a global movement of people at the grassroots who are innovating new approaches to wealth creation and distribution. They recognise that the current dominant models are not only creating greater inequalities among people and damaging the environment. They also note that these are unsustainable ways and therefore have ventured to create their little revolution for social justice.

The little revolutions for socio-economic transformation have overtime grown into a movement of people creating an alternative economy. When 700 people from 26 different countries gathered in Manila from Oct 17 to 20, 2007 they demonstrated through their sharing of experiences that they are not alone. They have taken hold of their destiny and have carved a new pathway for a more just and fair economic sharing among the poorest in Asia.

Ben Quinones has very skilfully documented the sharing of experiences in this journey towards a more just and fair economy. It is imperative that these experiences be shared to a much wider audience and therefore this publication will facilitate this objective.

“Sowing the seeds of solidarity economy: Asian experiences” is a very useful document which captures the emerging alternative Asian models. It is launch during the Third Asian Forum for Solidarity 6 Sowing The Seeds of Solidarity Economy Economy in Kuala Lumpur (Oct 31-Nov. 2, 2011). This book will enrich the learning journey process and lay the foundation of new comers.

This book will also be a very useful tool for teachers, trainers and students in social economy and social entrepreneurship especially from reading of a vast cross section of Asian experiences with a tremendous wealth of experiences from Philippines.

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