Stir it Up: The Story of Collective Kitchens

National Film Board of Canada

Year: 1994

This 24 minute documentary looks at collective kitchens, a grassroots movement that nourishes the body and the spirit. Told by the participants, nutritionists and community leaders affiliated with kitchens across Canada, it is the story of dignity in hard times and a testament to the possibilities of co-operative living. A collective kitchen is a group of people who pool their money, time, energy and skills to make economical, healthy meals for themselves and their families. They get together each month to plan meals, to shop and cook, and share a bowl of soup. Nutritious meals are taken home and frozen, handy for when money is particularly tight. But there is more to be gained from collective kitchens then just healthy meals. While hands chop and stir, the mind takes pride in absorbing new skills and making new friends. The crippling loneliness and isolation that so often accompany poverty are left on the doorsills of the churches, schools and community centres that host collective kitchens across Canada.

Preview is no longer available

(the film STIR IT UP isn’t available anymore as all the rights have expired via NFB.
You might have a chance of finding a viewing copy through the public or university library system.)

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