Storytelling Newcomers’ Experience with CED in Canada

The Canadian CED Network

Year: 2006

Many communities in Canada are using communty economic developpment (CED) to sucessfully combat socioeconomic decline and build strong community-based organisations that contribute to citizen participation and the cultural diversity of their communities. CED refers to holistic, community-led approches to building stronger communities. It is focused on the goals of social inclusion, poverty elimination and facilitating full participation in society – particularly for those facing the greatest barriers to achieving these goals. CED specially merges social and economic objectives and builds the capacity of individuals and communities to create their own solutions to their own challenges.

Canada accepts thousands of immigrants and refugees each year, but is not able to realize the dream of a multicultural society. Instead, barrriers to social and economic participation, such as underemployment and social isolation, are now understood to be a widespread experience for many newcomers to Canada. As such, grassroots organisations turn to alternative development models.

The relationship between immigrants and refugees ant their new communities can strengthened by transforming existing and nurturing emerging civil society organisations – both settlement and CED organisations – so that communities are better able to adapt to changing social and econonmic conditions. These stories are the first published reflections on CED and co-op models being used specially to foster the social and economic inclision of newcomers into Canada.


Immigrant Settlement Agencies Incubating Co-operatives and Social Enterprises

Afghan Women’s Sewing and Crafts Co-operative
Ethnicity Catering

Pre-Development Activities

The Multicultural Economic, Training and Resources in Ontario

Social Co-operatives

The Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative
ALIVEducation! Co-operative

Co-operatives that Provide ‘Settlement Services’

Earth Share Agricultural Co-op
CrossRoads Housing Co-operative

Farmers’ Markets

Charlottetown Farmers’ Market
Central Park International Market

Cultural Economy and Retention

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria & FolkFest
Ukranian Co-operative Nursery School
Islamic Investment in Australia

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