Strengthening Neighbourhood Resilience: Opportunities for Communities and Local Governments

The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Year: 2013

3Victoria, June 3, 2013 – The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria’s Building Resilient Neighbourhoods project has just released a report highlighting research and lessons learned from Phase One of the project.

From the report: “Resilience is our ability to respond and adapt to change in ways that are pro-active, build local capacity and that ensure that essential needs are met.  Communities today are faced with multiple, complex challenges. If there ever was a need for whole communities to come together to adapt to change, it is today”.

The three sections of the report are:

  • Understanding Resilience: What have we learned about the characteristics of resilient communities from our research and engagement processes so far?
  • Characteristics of Resilience: What are some of the key characteristics of resilient communities, and what are some guiding or inspirational examples of resilience at the neighbourhood level that have been occurring here or elsewhere in the world?
  • Building Resilience: What are some of the key roles that different sectors- such as local governments, non-profits, and citizen groups- can play in fostering resilient neighbourhoods?