Support from the Heart: Edmonton’s Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative

Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative,

Year: 2002

This 45 minute video that looks at the emergence of the MCHB by hearing from the women who are involved in the cooperative. This initiative was created to facilitate better access to health care services for immigrant and refugee families. The Brokers, trained at Grant MacEwen Community College, have worked with thousands of women and families from the Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish-speaking, Arabic-speaking, and South Asian communities since they the projects origin in 1995.The brokers bridge the gap in cultural meanings or gaps in understanding between health professionals, the patient, his/her community and the broader social system. They have also established literacy and homework clubs, a sewing business, as well as a community kitchen. Videos are $69.99 (24.99 for individuals) plus GST and $10 shipping. Contact MCHB Cooperative at 780-423-1973 or 10867 ­ 97 Street, Edmonton AB, T5H 2M6 or at

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