The Co-operative Innovation Project: Co-operative Development

The Co-operative Innovation Project

Year: 2016

The Co-operative Innovation Project (CIP) was tasked with investigating the current state of cooperative development in western Canada, and in nesting that information within the larger Canadian and international context. The driving question was: is co-operative development, as it is currently being practised, a good match for the needs of rural and Aboriginal† communities in western Canada? Do current practices do enough to help co-ops to grow and thrive, or are there gaps that can be addressed?

This section is comprised of five chapters, which provide an overview and report on that investigation. They are divided as follows: co-operative development; co-operative development in Aboriginal communities; an analysis of co-operative associations and ministries in western Canada; co-operative development as reported by practitioners through interviews; and the CIP model of a robust co-operative development environment.

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This chapter provides an overview of the following:

  • What is co-operative development?
  • Who are the players in co-operative development?
  • What are the co-operative development organizations?
  • What are the approaches to co-operative development?
  • What is the context for co-operative development?
  • What is the role of co-operative education in co-operative development?
  • What is the role of co-operative development funding?
  • What are the steps to developing a co-operative?

This chapter overview provides the starting point for CIP research on co-operative development as an activity. In particular, CIP were interested in examining how co-operative development is conceived and practised in western Canada, and how that compares to select international examples.

Executive Summary
1. Co-operative Development
2. Co-operative Development with Aboriginal Communities
3. Co-operative Development in Western Canada
4. Co-operative Development Building Strong Co-operatives
5. Model of a Robust Co-operative Development Environment

Table of Contents

What Is Co-operative Development?

Co-operative Development Roles
Who Can Be a Co-operative Developer?
Co-operative Development Approaches  
Typologies of Co-operative Development
Passive and Active Co-operative Development
Co-operative Development Context
Policy Idea
Co-operative Movement
Co-operative Degeneration
Co-operative Education
Co-operative Development Funding
Co-operative Development Organizations

International Co-operative Development
Canadian Co-operative Development
Co-operative Development Steps
Co-operative Development: The Plunkett Model