The Future of Food in Winnipeg

Food Matters Manitoba

Year: 2015

Food is an important part of all our lives, whether it’s through the meals we prepare, the local food we buy or grow, the waste we compost, or the community and family food celebrations we enjoy. We all take part in our local food system and how we interact with ood is directly linked to our quality of life, our health, the diversity and vitality of our neighbourhoods, and the vibrancy of our city.

Winnipeg is a city with vast potential yet significant food related challenges. Located in the center of Canada’s agricultural sector, both economically and geographically, Winnipeg resides in a unique place. Food impacts all Winnipeggers, from middle income families learning what to do with the food in their fridge to the 60,000 individuals who access a food bank each month. Impressively, food related businesses account for one in eight jobs in the city and there is a growing number and diversity of restaurants contributing to the city’s unique food culture. Food is also intimately connected to health as evidenced by the one in ten Winnipeggers directly affected by diet-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes. At the same time, food has the power to bring people together through culture and food traditions, experiences, and innovation.

This report identifies and discusses three major themes that appeared throughout the table discussions at the Future of Food forum.  Each of these areas — growing food, getting food, and food skills — have also been highlighted because they are areas in which the City of Winnipeg can take leadership and action.  The three themes this report focuses on are:

  1. Growing Food in Winnipeg: Upgrading community garden infrastructure
  2. Getting Food in Winnipeg: Increasing investment in local food access
  3. Food Skills in Winnipeg: Upgrading community food facilities

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Envisioning A Vibrant Winnipeg
Winnipeg In Years
Planning For The Future Of Food In Winnipeg
Growing Food In Winnipeg
Getting Food In Winnipeg
Food Skills In Winnipeg
Appendix A: Forum Attendee List
Appendix B: A Winnipeg Food Strategy
Appendix C: Examples From Other Canadian Cities