The GiveBack Economy: Social Responsibility Practices for Business and Nonprofit

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Peter Miller and Carla Langhorst

Year: 2017

Do well by doing good! Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship is a field that is just heating up. It is a business idea that has been fringe for a number of years, but that is growing more mainstream. Increasingly, the idea of social responsibility will be part of every business person’s agenda, especially as the Millennial generations is increasingly of an age to own and participate in business.

Are you making a difference? Is your work meaningful? Are you doing what you can to be a socially responsible innovator or entrepreneur? These questions are bringing about the new economy: The GiveBack Economy.

Recent studies have shown that more than 99 percent of business owners want to find ways to give back to their communities, and more than 60 percent of consumers prefer to do business with socially responsible companies. People don’t want to just give their money when making a difference in the world, they want to be part of the change and really make a difference.

Buy The GiveBack Economy: Social Responsibility Practices for Business and Nonprofit

Authors Carla Langhorst and Peter Miller brought their varied business and teaching experiences together to write The GiveBack Economy, a book to help readers navigate this new world built on change and doing social good. The book also includes an exclusive download kit of useful forms and resources.

Whether you are a new social innovator trying to figure out how to start a socially conscious organization, or an existing business owner wanting to practice Corporate Social Responsibility, this book will help you learn the ropes of social enterprise and how to leverage social impact, so you can reap the benefits in your business and the community. This book includes free access to an exclusive kit of forms and resources to help you in your social enterprise or innovation.

The download kit includes:

  • Sample plans
  • Web resources
  • Suggested readings
  • — And much more!