Towards an Epistemological Foundation for Social and Solidarity Economy

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

Author +
Anup Dash

Year: 2014

In the absence of epistemological and conceptual advances with strong ontological foundations, Dash argues, SSE cannot go very far in framing discourses and in engaging with the bigger picture, as an alternative to the crises-ridden dominant economic paradigm. Having identified the multidimensional benefits of SSE, Dash calls for a deepening of its theoretical framework with strong explanatory power, to allow SSE to be thought of and boldly presented as a new scientific theory.


  • Twentieth Century Capitalism is Failing the Twenty-First Century Society
  • The Deeper Issues are Epistemological
  • The Queen has Turned Dismal
  • The Immoral Basis of “Eco-no-mics”
  • Homo Economicus—The Anthropological Monster
  • SSE—The Current Wave of Practice in Need of its Theory
  • A “Science-in-the-Making”: From the Wreckages of Orthodox Economics
  • A Social Ontology
  • Beyond Zweckrationalität: Multidimensionality of Action
  • A Science of Social Provisioning
  • Non-Dualism and Non-Essentialist Realism
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

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