Training Options that would Increase Employment Opportunities for Local People in Resource Extraction Projects in Northern Communities

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

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Emerge Knowledge Design Inc., Nancy LeBlond and Sasha Brown

Year: 2004

This report discusses employment opportunities in resource extraction projects in Northern communities. It examines current levels of employment and education in northern Manitoba, as well as case studies of mine reclamation projects, in order to determine job availability in this industry, and the skill level required. The report finds that most training programs focused on employment opportunities for the following positions; heavy equipment operators, designated trades, natural resource management and environmental monitoring. Possibilities for government funding for the development of training programs are discussed. The study team offers some conclusions and recommendations for policy makers to consider as planning for training options in the North moves ahead. Useful tools include; community-based case studies on reclamation and mining projects, and industry/Aboriginal partnerships in resource extraction sectors.

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