Transforming Anchor Institutions: A Toolkit for Community Organizers

The Haas Institute

Year: 2016

There is a new hospital being built, a university expansion project, or a large public agency housed in your neighborhood, what is at stake for your community? What could these ‘anchor institutions’ have to do with solving extreme inequality and lack of opportunity? As a community organizer, how can you develop a strategy to transform an anchor institution?

From 2013 to 2016, community leaders organized for a community benefits agreement with the Berkeley Global Campus development in Richmond, CA. Their visions for change have translated into a massive mobilization of Richmond’s community through dedicated organizing and strategy-building. This toolkit includes video interviews, short guides, and presentation slides sharing some of the lessons learned about transforming the policies and practices of anchor institutions.

Introductions and Context Video

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This toolkit arises from reflection on experiences from Richmond, California, where community member organized around the development of a major new university campus. This video introduces the people, place, and campaign.