UBCM – Community Impact Investment Briefing

Creston & District Community Investment Co-op

Year: 2016

The rapid growth in Canada’s responsible investment market, now at $1 trillion (68% increase in 2 years), is a testament that investors wish to know their money is contributing to social, environmental and economic measures. Investors are increasingly looking to feel a sense of connection to their investments. At the same time, the majority of retail investment capital is leaving British Columbia and going into far off stock markets and corporations, creating jobs and wealth elsewhere. There is a clear opportunity to create community impact investment mechanisms in our Province. This would enable British Columbia residents to leverage their investment dollars with other economic development agencies and financial institutions, while contributing to community economic development at home.

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Other Canadian provinces have recognized the opportunity for return on investment and the ability to build wealth and jobs in their own jurisdictions, by retaining investment capital at home. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Manitoba have all created various programs, policies and tax credits to incentivize local investment.