Understanding Indigenous Economic Development in Northern, Rural, and Remote Settings: Frameworks for Change

Community Development Institute, University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

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Eds. Greg Halseth, Julia Schwamborn, Ray Gerow, and Tor Gjertsen

Year: 2011

As part of its work with the University of the Arctic’s Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development, UNBC’s Community Development Institute (CDI) and the Prince George Aboriginal Business and Community Development Centre jointly hosted the “Understanding Indigenous Economic Development in Northern, Rural, and Remote Settings” workshop. The goal was to produce a rich dialogue that could enhance our understanding of key barriers and opportunities related to successful indigenous economic development both on-reserve and in urban Aboriginal communities.

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Speakers and observers were invited from around BC, Canada, and Norway. The workshop brought together thirty-one individuals, institutions, academics, and practitioners who are actively involved in indigenous economic development in the North, and three of the University of the Arctic’s Thematic Networks – Local and Regional Development, Northern Governance, and Northern Tourism – were represented.

In this volume, workshop participants identify and challenge the framework of current indigenous economic development, point out key barriers to successful development, and address actions and supports needed to achieve change.

Table of Contents

1.0 Governance and Economic Development
1.1 Urban Aboriginal Governance – Ray Gerow p. 1
1.2 Indigenous Corporate Governance in the Canadian Arctic – Gary Wilson p. 7
2.0 Aboriginal Tourism
2.1 Aboriginal Tourism Demand in Northern British Columbia – Diana Kutzner p. 15
2.2 Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia: Our 2010 Olympics Legacy – Keith Henry p. 28
2.3 Sami Tourism and Change – Arvid Viken p. 38
3.0 On-Reserve Economic Development
3.1 Journey to Economic Independence: BC First Nations’ Perspectives – Ted Williams p. 49
3.2 Experiences of the Old Masset Village Council – John Disney p. 57
4.0 Economic Development Tools
4.1 Economic Development in Aboriginal Communities – John Curry and Han Donker
4.2 Local and Regional Development Workshops and Partnerships as Economic Development Tools in the Northern Periphery – Tor Gjertsen
5.0 Local and Regional Development Perspectives
5.1 The Nak’azdli First Nation: Economic Development from an Inside Perspective – Vince Prince
5.2 McLeod Lake Indian Band: An Economic Journey – Derek Orr
6.0 Contexts for Aboriginal Economic Development
6.1 Development Actions, Barriers, and Supports in Canada: Urban Aboriginal Settings – Greg Halseth

Source: University of Northern BC