Using Information Communication Technology Tools to Facilitate Community Economic Development Networks

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

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Susannah Cameron, Research Affiliate; Rural Development Institute, Brandon University

Year: 2006

This report looks at the ways in which Community Economic Development (CED) organizations in Manitoba have increased the level of communication and collaboration between organizations by forming networks. Typically CED organizations establish networks to learn from one another, to share information, to improve practice and to coordinate around policy and funding initiatives. Manitoba’s size makes it challenging for CED organizations to communicate, and necessitates the use of Information Communication Technology tools to facilitate communication and collaboration between members. This report details how Canadian CED coordinators use online surveys, websites, extranets, listserves, email and teleconferencing tools and determines which ones are best suited for particular tasks. The theoretical and practical understanding developed through the research will assist the members of CED networks and their staff to develop better modes of collaboration and communication.

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