Waterloo Region’s Guaranteed Income Supplement Campaign

Caledon Institute of Social Policy,

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Anne Makhoul

Year: 2005

The GIS campaign in Waterloo Region was a successful, collaborative response to a public awareness and program delivery gap. Thanks to OP2000’s focus on extending the community’s capacity for poverty reduction, it was poised to identify opportunities for action such as the GIS issue. Because of its extensive network of partners, OP2000 was able to quickly mobilize a collaborative response, and its role as a convenor and facilitator meant that it could devote some resources to providing logistical support to the campaign. Vibrant Communities is a pan-Canadian initiative that explores promising local solutions to reduce poverty. Fifteen communities from across Canada have formed a learning partnership through which they share ideas, resources and strategies related to poverty reduction. Each of the participating communities already had done considerable work to alleviate poverty and saw Vibrant Communities as a way to extend and enrich their efforts. This story is the first in a series which highlights successful strategies for reducing poverty and building more caring communities.

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