WealthWorks for Your Region Module 1: Explore Regional Wealth Building


Year: 2014

WealthWorks is a regional approach to economic development that connects a community’s assets to market demand in ways that build livelihoods that last. WealthWorks aims to advance a region’s overall prosperity and self-reliance, strengthen existing and emerging sectors, and increase upward mobility for many—always including people, places and firms on the economic margins.

This Module defines wealth building as a goal that reaches beyond standard community and economic development objectives, and why that difference is critical to advancing and sustaining regional economies.

To introduce and explore WealthWorks’ potential, this module defines the core concepts and goals of wealth building: wealth, ownership and livelihoods. Then, we explore how you can begin to think about wealth-building in your region.

Table of Contents:

Wealth-building: The goal of regional development
The wealth-building breakdown: Wealth, ownership and livelihoods
Defining wealth
Wealth-building opportunity: Grow the region’s stocks of capital
Wealth in action: The bottom (guide)lines
Regional ownership and control
Defining regional ownership and control
Making the case for regional ownership and control
Wealth-building opportunity: Expand local ownership and control
Lasting livelihoods
Defining lasting livelihoods
Making the case for lasting livelihoods
Wealth-building opportunity: Improve livelihoods
Conclusion: Building wealthy regions

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