WealthWorks for Your Region Module 3: Construct a WealthWorks Value Chain


Year: 2014

WealthWorks is a regional approach to economic development that connects a community’s assets to market demand in ways that build livelihoods that last. WealthWorks aims to advance a region’s overall prosperity and self-reliance, strengthen existing and emerging sectors, and increase upward mobility for many—always including people, places and firms on the economic margins.

Module 3 of the WealthWorks for Your Region: An Introduction series profiles the elements and design objectives of a WealthWorks value chain—and how to use them to build wealth that lasts.

Module 3 offers an overview of what a WealthWorks value chain is. Then it explores how, by using WealthWorks value chains to design economic and community development efforts, you can build wealth that sticks in the region, so that the region’s people, places, and firms do better now—and boost their prospects for thriving down the road.

Table of Contents:

Economic development done differently
     The WealthWorks value chain: Defining characteristics
 The WealthWorks value chain: A wealth-building engine
 1. Identify a value chain coordinator
 2.Connect partners around the market opportunity
 3.Find and address wealth-building opportunities: Gaps, bottlenecks and underutilized resources
 4.Secure ongoing investment to support the value chain

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