Webinar: Inequalities cost. How can economic analysis help us find solutions?

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Year: 2017

This webinar explores:

  • Data about overall Canadian health care costs and predictions for the next decade (societal trends)
  • Data about how much health inequalities cost the Canadian health system and issues of data gathering, analysis and inference
  • Examples of research and practice supporting greater investment in the determinants of health
  • The importance of pilot projects in exploring the potential for reducing inequities, improving health and reducing costs
  • Arguments for changing how we proportion health care dollars

Watch and listen to a recording of the webinar. 

Duration: 1.5 hours. 

This webinar presents the findings of two new reports and a renowned health program that addresses social inequity and its impact on health

  • PHAC The direct economic burden of socioeconomic health inequalities in Canada: An analysis of health care costs by income level
  • NCCDH Economic arguments for shifting health dollars upstream
  • Ottawa Inner City Health Inc.

Advisors on tap:

  • Andrea Long, Acting Senior Policy Analyst, Social Determinants and Science Integration Directorate, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Olga Milliken, PhD, Economist, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Jeff Turnbull, Chief, Clinical Quality, Health Quality Ontario
  • Karen Fish, Knowledge translation specialist, NCCDH