Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide

Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Author +
Janoo, Amanda et. al.

Year: 2021

How to design economic policies that put the wellbeing of people and the planet first

Welcome to the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide. This guide has been co-created by the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) to support visionary policy makers, like you, to build more just and sustainable economies for people and planet.

Around the world, governments are moving beyond Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and embracing new metrics of progress, from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to national wellbeing indicators. With this in mind, the aim of this guide is not to say what policies are needed to build a Wellbeing Economy, but rather to explore how to develop policies for a Wellbeing Economy.

This guide therefore strives to be practical without being overly prescriptive so that you can align these policy design processes and ideas to your unique context.

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