What Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy

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Gar Alperovitz & Keane Bhatt

Year: 2013

The richest 400 Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 180 million taken together. The political system is in deadlock. Social and economic pain continue to grow. Environmental devastation and global warming present growing challenges. Is there any path toward a more democratic, equal and ecologically sustainable society? What can one person do?

In fact, there is a great deal one person working with others can do. Experiments across the country already focus on concrete actions that point toward a larger vision of long-term systemic change – especially the development of alternative economic institutions. Practical problem-solving activities on Main Streets across the country have begun to lay down the elements and principles of what might one day become the direction of a new system – one centered around building egalitarian wealth, nurturing democracy and community life, avoiding climate catastrophe and fostering liberty through greater economic security and free time.

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Contents of Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy:

  1. Democratize Your Money!
  2. Seize the Moment: Time For Worker Ownership!
  3. Take Back Local Government: Demand Participatory Budgeting!
  4. Push Local Anchors to do Their Part!
  5. Reclaim Your Neighborhood With Democratic Development!
  6. Public Money for the Public Good!
  7. Stop Letting Your Savings Fuel Corporate Rule!
  8. Democratize Energy Production to Create a Green Economy!
  9. Mobilize the Faith Community!
  10. Make Time for Democracy!