Young Women Work: Community Economic Development to Reduce Women’s Poverty and Improve Income

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

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Molly McCracken with Kate Dykman, Francine Parent and Ivy Lopez

Year: 2005

This report explores the barriers and opportunities for young women in the “new” economy, and outlines Community Economic Development approaches to preventing poverty among young women ages 15 -24. The report notes which community supports young women in two inner-city Winnipeg neighbourhoods used, in order to understand how to build CED approaches into the current network of community-based organizations these young women already access. The researchers talked to 50 young women, the majority of whom are Aboriginal, about their neighbourhoods, paid and unpaid work, school, computers, motherhood, teenage pregnancy, role models, and what they hoped for in their futures. The report concludes with recommendations to help young women build their capacity and improve their lives.

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