Second Phase of Downtown Eastside CED Strategy Approved by Vancouver City Council

December 14, 2016

Downtown Eastside MarketOn November 30th, Vancouver city councillors approved phase II of the Community Economic Development Strategy for the Downtown Eastside. Over $350,000 will be allocated to “Quick Start Projects” and “Feasibility Studies and Program Development”.  

“Central to the Phase II vision is the creation of a full range of employment and income generation opportunities that are open regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or ability, with a view of the local economy as a continuum of opportunity from survival-work to formal employment.”

“Previous economic revitalization strategies have tended to focus on (more formal types of jobs), largely because senior levels of government were involved in sort of dictating what the priorities were,” said Wes Regan, a planner for community economic development at the city. This new approach “actually reflects more the reality of what the local economy is like in the Downtown Eastside, as opposed to what government partners wish it would look like,” he said.

In mid-2017 the City Council will look at approving the third phase, with additional funding recommendations, that will look at implementing long-term actions.

The CED Strategy was developed by the Community Economic Development Strategic Action Committee (CEDSAC) which is made up of 35 community groups, businesses and other local stakeholders. The strategy contains nine core Ideas and twenty-two actions, and is built on several years of partnerships supporting social innovation, social enterprise and other local economic initiatives in the Downtown Eastside.

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