Share Your Ideas and Stories with Beautiful Solutions: Toolbox for the Future

February 26, 2016

Share your ideas and stories with Beautiful SolutionsThere is an exciting new project called Beautiful Solutions: Toolbox for the Future, and everyone is invited to get involved!

Beautiful Solutions is collecting stories to spotlight the most powerful strategies for creating the world we want. These stories demonstrate that another world is not only possible — it is already happening. The focus is on visionary groups of people from around the globe who are driving the shift to a democratic, just and sustainable future — creating tools so that everyone can build solutions in their own communities.

Right now, you can explore the project in the online Solutions Gallery and Lab, hosted by Naomi Klein’s and Avi Lewis’ This Changes Everything.

Over the next year, Beautiful Solutions is compiling a collection of the best stories into a book (a companion to Beautiful Trouble: Toolbox for Revolution), and asking community leaders and activists from around the globe to share the big questions they’re wrestling with, along with stories they think should be featured in the book. That’s where you come in!

Will you be a contributor? Share your ideas and stories for the Beautiful Solutions book by filling out this form: Feel free to forward the form to individuals and groups you think should participate. The survey will be open for about a month.

The vision is for Beautiful Solutions to be a set of resources by the movement and for the movement. We’re excited to partner with Beautiful Solutions—and with you—to make that vision a reality.