Social Finance Innovator Award: Moving Money That Matters

October 2, 2014

What are the Social Finance Awards? is pleased to host the third annual Social Finance Awards. The awards showcase and celebrate the efforts that individuals and organizations are making to mobilize private capital for public good, and are presented to leaders playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the Canadian social finance marketplace.

What happened last year?

Last year, highlighted the Most Promising Collaboration in the Canadian social finance landscape. Over 2500 cast their votes in a very spirited race, which saw Rise Asset Development come out on top. For more on last year’s awards, check out’s coverage. 

Rise Asset Development
Winner, 2013 Social Finance Innovator Award

Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund
Runner Up, 2013 Social Finance Innovator Award

Sarona Asset Management
2nd Runner Up, 2013 Social Finance Innovator Award

What happens this year? will present the Social Finance Innovator Award for 2014: Moving Money That Matters.

The transformative potential of social finance is rooted in its ability to mobilize the resources of traditionally fragmented sectors towards a common vision of social and environmental good. Investors play a key role in ensuring the advancement of the social finance landscape in Canada. This year’s award recipient will be an organization or initiative that has created (or demonstrated the potential for creating) positive social or environmental impact through an innovative transfer of capital.

What does money movement look like?

”Moving money that matters” is defined as a flow of capital or direct investment into a company or organization with the intention to create positive impact. The investment must be a direct investment into an impact venture. The investor must also have the intent to receive a social or environmental and financial return on the investment. This year’s award recipient will include an agreement between an investor and organization to create outstanding impact and apply an innovative strategy to their financial model. is looking for investors that demonstrate the commitment and investment in an organization to achieve durable and scalable impact within their common vision for social and/or environmental change.

How do you pick the winner?

An advisory panel comprised of cross-sector leaders in impact investing will review all nominees for the award to determine finalists, who will then move forward into the public voting period. The winner of the Innovator Award will be determined through public voting in combination with the scores of the advisory panel and a staff panel. The breakdown will be as follows:

Public Voting – 50%
Advisory Panel Scores – 30% Staff Panel Scores – 20%

The public nomination and public voting periods will span approximately six weeks.  Award criteria upon which advisory panel and staff panel scoring will be made available to all nominees.

How do I nominate someone or complete my nomination?

Fill out this quick web form to nominate an individual or an organization. To formalize and complete your nomination, download and complete this form and return it to at by October 10th.

How do I nominate someone or complete my nomination?

This year, the Social Finance Awards will be presented at the 7th Annual Social Finance Forum on November 7, 2014. If you haven’t registered for this fantastic two-day Forum, register now. Tickets are going fast!