hosts online discussion on social finance in Canada

December 1, 2009

Participate in an interactive, online discussion highlighting the social finance landscape in Canada hosted on

You are invited!

The series will feature commentary from local and international experts, Canadian social entrepreneurs and practitioners and key enablers of the Canadian non-profit sector including representatives of funding organizations.

The series will address the following seven topics:

  1. What is Social Finance?
  2. What are the different types of finance that exist in Canada?
  3. What organizations are suited for each type of finance?
  4. What are the financial products available for a social enterprise in Canada?
  5. How to get finance?
  6. Lessons from abroad: social finance in other parts of the world
  7. How to get started?

The outcome of this online discussion will be a Canadian Guide to Social Finance to be distributed throughout Canada and used in capacity building workshops.


An interactive online discussion on social finance in Canada hosted on

Who is it for?

Funders, social innovators, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, foundations, policymakers and anyone interested in understanding and improving social finance in Canada


One topic will be discussed every two weeksfrom December 2009-March 2010

How can I get involved?

Send your questions to

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Causeway is a collaborative project on social finance anchored with Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National. Causeway’s goals are to fast – track Canada’s adoption of social finance. is an online community for all issues related to social finance is Canada and internationally. It serves as a central online platform for the community for the people and organizations that are actively trying to advance the development of a social finance market space in Canada.