Storytelling Audit – Request for Proposals (Deadline April 5)

March 21, 2018

The Canadian CED Network is seeking proposals from qualified communications specialists for a storytelling audit of external communications, followed by a year-end evaluation. Ideal candidates will have particular experience working within the non-profit sector and with organizations that are national in scope. Familiarity with organizations who are member-based, who undertake collaborative projects, and who are focussed on socioeconomic change is also an asset.


Community Economic Development (CED) is action by people locally to create economic opportunities that improve social conditions, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged. It is an approach that recognizes that economic, environmental and social challenges are interdependent, complex and ever-changing. To be effective, solutions must be rooted in local knowledge and led by community members. CED promotes holistic approaches, addressing individual, community and regional levels, recognizing that these levels are interconnected.

The Canadian CED Network is a national association of organizations and people throughout Canada committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that enhance social and environmental conditions.

Our Values: The Canadian CED Network and its members are committed to the values of inclusion, diversity and equity. Our methods are participatory, democratic, innovative and entrepreneurial.

Our Vision: Sustainable and inclusive communities directing their own social, economic and environmental futures.

Our Mission: The Canadian CED Network connects people and ideas for action to build local economies that strengthen communities and benefit everyone.

The Canadian CED Network wishes to expand and enhance engagement with our audiences by making better use of storytelling strategies. 


Community economic development as theory and practice incorporates a broad spectrum of activities and ideas. As a national network our membership is representative of the diversity encapsulated by CED, as well as the geographic scope of Canada. This complexity is hard to distill into a single story. But it does present the opportunity for many compelling stories, from the personal stories of members to the collective stories of communities.

The storytelling audit will seek to answer “how well are we telling stories relevant to our work and where are real opportunities for improvement?”

Working with staff, in particular the Communications Manager, Communications Coordinator and Membership Engagement Coordinator, the auditor will:

  • Evaluate how well our content is communicating its intended message and purpose by speaking to emotions and relatable human experiences;
  • Provide training and resources for staff to become better storytellers;
  • Set targets for improved communications moving forward;
  • Complete a year-end assessment of implemented changes and the impact they’ve had on engagement.


  • Describe your experience in conducting storytelling/communications audits and providing communications services, highlighting any experience working with organizations of similar scope, mission, and/or organizational structure to the Canadian CED Network
  • Describe your experience with storytelling in the context of community organizing and movement building
  • Describe your experience providing storytelling training
  • Identify any relevant accreditations
  • Your resume or CV and that of any team member who would also be involved
  • Three references for clients for whom you have provided or are providing communications services or related work
  • A timeframe in which an audit could be completed
  • Costs for the services you would provide

Submit your proposal by April 5 to:

Matthew Thompson
The Canadian CED Network
mthompson at