Stronger Together – Solidarity Statement

July 17, 2020

We, the undersigned, are a collaborative partnership of network leaders in social innovation, social finance, the social economy, and community economic development across Canada. We provide this joint statement to deepen our commitment to rooting out racism, colonization, and exclusion in our work and sector.

We, the undersigned, collectively acknowledge that colonialism has deep roots in Canada and its legacy persists in society’s  intolerable treatment of people of African descent. While issues of systemic racism are present for many people living in Canada, we acknowledge the recent and disproportionately fatal incidents within Indigenous and Black communities. We also acknowledge generations of African Nova Scotians who have resisted oppression in isolation in the Maritimes.

As a collective, we recognize the only sensible position to take in the face of racism is anti-racism. In our work towards sustainable and inclusive communities we denounce anti-Black racism in every malicious form it takes; in our communities, our organizations, and in Canada’s systems and institutions.

We are also committed to confronting economic arrangements that are unsound, and which concentrate capital and exclude many people living in Canada. We are committed to equity in access to capital, sharing power and addressing the systemic barriers that exacerbate wealth disparity. 

Read the full statement of solidarity below.