Support the Expert Advisory Panel proposition to examine new approaches to social finance

February 25, 2008

Write to support the proposition advanced by Causeway calling for the Government of Canada’s creation of an Expert Advisory Panel to examine means by which new approaches to social finance can be facilitated by chane in federal law, regulation and/or policy.

CCEDNet advocates policy that builds fair and strong local economies. We recommend changes in federal and provincial government policy that support and encourage local economies through social enterprise and co-operative development. To overcome funding challenges and optimize effort, CED organizations need access to long-term capital that will encourage stability and growth. Two specific CCEDNet recommendations directly relating to this challenge are:

  • Developing a specialized Social Enterprise Patient Capital Fund
  • Implementing an RRSP eligible CED tax credit for Canadians wishing to invest in Community Economic Development investment funds operated by local non-profit corporations

Please see the brochure, Strengthening Canada’s Communities – Communities Strengthening Canada, including these and other policy recommendations supporting communities to build wealth, create jobs, foster innovation and productivity, and improve social well-being.

Write your own letter of endorsement using our template. 

View CCEDNet’s letter of endorsement