Support the Her Challenge, Your Challenge campaign

February 9, 2011

Between February 6 and 12, the Uniterra program, CCEDNet’s international partner, is launching the Her Challenge, Your Challenge campaign. This campaign aims to foster recognition and respect for women’s rights worldwide, as well as participation and empowerment of women, in an effort towards building more egalitarian societies.

Did you know that:
• In the world, 130 million children don’t go to school. And 70% of them are girls.
• 1 in 3 women worldwide is a victim of violence.
• 66% of the world’s work is done by women. But they earn less than 5% of its revenues.

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What is the campaign about?

Around the world, women play a major role in improving their community’s living conditions and its development.

A more egalitarian society, one in which women and men have the same opportunities, can only be built if women’s rights are recognized and respected and if women are represented in power and decision-making bodies. But that’s not the case in most countries. For example, few women in developing countries participate in making the decisions that affect them, either within the family or in the political system. Some progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go before we can talk about having an egalitarian society.

The campaign connects two realities:

That of women in developing countries:
“Her challenge” is to speak out for women’s rights
That of Canadians:
“Your challenge” is to echo their voices, spreading their messages

Take Action

Check out the videos, blog and resources, take action and support more egalitarian societies your way by visiting the campaign website:

Become an agent of change: Make a donation! (lien:

There is still a long way to go before we achieve equality between women and men. Women in developing countries are doing their part. They are speaking out to defend their rights. Help them create a more equal society. Add your voice to theirs.

Equality in society is everyone’s business!