The ONN Recommends the Creation of a Social Procurement Task Force in Ontario

February 19, 2015

The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) has released their submission for the Ontario 2015 Budget with four recommendations to unlock provincial assets for community benefit:

  1. Put Unused Funds to Work
  2. Free Up Public Lands for Public Use
  3. Make Purchases Count for Community
  4. Kick-Start Nonprofit Pension Planning

Of particular interest to CED organizations are the recommendations for the Government of Ontario to “Create a Task Force to provide recommendations for advancing the government’s social procurement approaches in Ontario” and to “Work with nonprofits, develop strategies for retaining public lands for public use. In creating a task force around social procurement the province should definitely include Social Enterprise Toronto and take into account their recent research report. Public lands, the ONN notes, could be used in important ways to develop community hubs like the Riverdale Hub. This is already a policy priority for the province and opening public lands can help drive this further.

If you are a nonprofit making a submission to the provincial budget, let the ONN know and they’ll post it on their provincial budget page.

Download the 2015 Pre-Budget Submission