Thrilled to Welcome you to EconoUs2018 in Moncton

August 20, 2018

EconoUs2018Can I just say that I am thrilled to be co-hosting EconoUs2018 with CCEDNet?  The thrill is for two reasons…

The first reason is that, in my world, which is the environmental non-profit world, there is often an underlying feeling that we need to fundamentally change how our society views and values the natural environment, and that there is an intrinsic link between social justice and the environment.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered a whole bunch of CED people who think the same way!  In my experience, environment-y folks don’t talk much to CED-y folks, but I have learned over the last year that these two sets of people share a similar vision for a better world.  I am very excited that this conference is focussed specifically on PEOPLE, PLANET, and ECONOMY – to help us all make the links and work better together!

Eco-Confluence 2017

New Brunswick Environmental NetworkThe other reason is that the New Brunswick Environmental Network, as the name suggests, is a provincial organization.  While I occasionally travel to other provinces to talk about our work, it is rare that I get to show off our beautiful province to travellers from away.  I am very excited to share some of New Brunswick’s great people and places with my fellow Canadians and others from around the world.  With that in mind, our team has put together some great local tours that explore both of New Brunswick’s coasts (the rocky Bay of Fundy and the sandy beaches of the Northumberland Straight), Acadian and Mi’Kmaq cultures, the local art scene, and much more.  I can’t wait to see you here!

Raissa MarksRaissa Marks has been with the NBEN since 2006. She grew up in Albert County, New Brunswick. After high school, she was away from the province for about 10 years, living, learning, and working in Montreal, Toronto, and Virginia. Raissa now lives in  Riverview with her husband, Chris, and their two daughters. Little-known fact: Raissa also worked for the NBEN as a summer student in 1998 and 1999!