‘Towards a Canada without Poverty’: Stephane Dion’s speech at the Learning Enrichment Foundation

November 9, 2007

November 9, 2007

Liberal Party leader, Mr. Stephane Dion, presented a speech today at the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto, ON. The speech was titled: Towards a Fairer Canada Without Poverty.

This speech comes after an invite from The Canadian CED Network for a dialogue with community members about developing a policy framework on poverty reduction.

Following the speech today, Dion will be joining CCEDNet board members and representatives for a roundtable discussion on developing a community-based poverty reduction plan for Canadians.

The Canadian CED Network will be inviting leaders and representatives from all of Canada’s political parties to partake in similar roundtable discussions across Canada.

To read CCEDNet’s Communities Agenda policy briefing note click here. 

More information on the outcomes of the roundtable discussion will be released as soon as possible.