Two CCEDNet members invited to the 2nd World Human Rights Forum

November 24, 2014

CCEDNet members Yvon Poirier and Ethel Côté will participate in the second edition of the World Human Rights Forum planned for November 27th to 30th, 2014 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Since the first Forum successfully held in Brasilia in 2013, “Human Rights values have benefited from a continuous globalization movement, new treaties have reinforced Human Rights international laws, the international and regional fundamental rights protection system has significantly expanded, non-governmental, national, regional or international organizations and national Human Rights institutions have a continually increasing central role to play. However, over the last twenty years, new issues have emerged and call out to the world’s conscience as the challenge of universalism has diversified and developed. It is in this renewed context and in a now globalized world that the Marrakesh WHRF will be held, confirming the need for a global and friendly space for dialogue between the numerous stakeholders who act in order to respond to the populations’ needs for dignity, equality and justice.” Driss El Yazami, President of the National Human Rights Council.

“It is with pride that we have accepted this invitation to participate in this important Forum. With my colleague Yvon Poirier, we will bear witness to the vigour of the social and solidarity economy in Canada and elsewhere and especially of its relevance for the dignity, equality and justice for men and women. Furthermore, as a practitioner for the development of collective enterprises, I will take advantage of the opportunity to tell the stories of women who mobilize in the Women of the World network of solidarity entrepreneurs.” Ethel Côté, CEO of MecenESS and CCEDNet member.

“We have eagerly responded to the invitation forwarded by our colleagues from the Morrocan social and solidarity economy network, RÉMESS, a partner for the organization of the WHRF. It is with enthusiasm that I have accepted to participate as the representative of the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) and of CCEDNet,” Yvon Poirier, Secretary of the CCEDNet Board of Directors and member of the RIPESS Board of Directors.

Ethel Côté and Yvon Poirier

Additional Information

The WHRF will host almost a hundred activities, including more than 30 thematic forums, a dozen special events, training workshops, conferences, dialogues for rights, self-organized workshops, a cultural program and a trade show of the social and solidarity economy.

Yvon Poirier is Secretary of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network Board of Directors (CCEDNet), Representative for Canada at RIPESS and member of CDÉC de Québec.

Ethel Côté is a CCEDNet member, Practitioner for the development of collective enterprises and an Associate of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, Director on the Board of Directors of the Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario, Member of the Ontario Social Economy Round Table, Co-president of the Comité directeur du Forum économique de la francophonie canadienne, Social and Solidarity Reference for the Quartiers du Monde network of solidarity entrepreneurs and CEO of MecenESS. She represented Canada at RIPESS from 2005-2009.