Video series on Bill Ninacs, solidarity development activist, launches

November 5, 2021

In Victoriaville, Quebec, a web series of eight video clips featuring thoughts and insights from Bill Ninacs recently was launched.

In this series, Bill shares his vision of the evolution of various social and societal trends since the beginning of his career. He discusses, among other things, social intervention, consultation, innovation and integrated development.

Through stories drawn from his personal and professional experiences, he invites the audience to consider these topics from a new perspective. Additionally, Bill presents reference documents selected from his work in order to deepen the themes explored in the capsules. The intimate approach to the videos gives the impression of being in conversation with Bill over drinks.

 “For a long time now, I have been trying to align economic development with social development. I must continue to contribute, because the world has not yet changed as I would like it to change. So I still have work to do, “says Mr. Ninacs, who remains optimistic about the future.

“Bill Ninacs proved to be a key player in the foundation of the Collectif des partenaires en développement des communautés, and above all, he played an essential role in discussions on community development in Quebec. This project is an extraordinary way of continuing to promote the importance of community development solidarity!” asserts Nadia Cardin, coordinator of the Collectif des partenaires en développement des communautés.

“In contributing to the video series, our intention was to make Bill Ninacs’s immense contribution known and easily accessible. The significance of his reflection and practice is vital for anyone interested in subjects as important as the fight against poverty and social exclusion, community action, community mobilization and empowerment. It is an indispensable reference in terms of community capacity building, “says Jean-Marc Chouinard, president of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation.

 “The City supported the project without any hesitation. Ninacs conveys thoughts that are totally coherent with the local government in terms of sustainable development, including social and economic development. The City of Victoriaville engages in providing its people with a harmonious, inclusive and sustainable environment. His monumental involvement within the community has improved our living environment,” declares Antoine Tardif, Mayor of Victoriaville.

Bill Ninacs has contributed to the development of several community initiatives. He participated in the founding of the Conseil québécois de développement social and of the very first community development corporation in Quebec, the Corporation de développement communautaire des Bois-Francs (CDCBF). He has also campaigned for the rights of disabled people, the fight against poverty and support for vulnerable populations through an equity lens. Finally, he was the recipient of CCEDNet’s Stronger Together Award in June 2021.

The series, aimed at anyone interested in social issues, is intended to be very accessible. It is subtitled in English and French, as well as Quebec Sign Language (LSQ). All of the capsules as well as links to additional documentation are available at