We would like your support in creating a Sustainability Fund and Plan for our Network.

October 30, 2007

We believe that in today’s social and economic climate, there is strong evidence to support the need for a pan-Canadian member-led network that contributes to creating CED change and opportunity in our communities. Federal funding cuts and policy changes mean that communities need a strong collective voice. Since 1999, CCEDNet has worked hard to create that voice.

In the last year, the Network has been able to raise funds from a variety of sources to contribute to our members’ work, from paid internships placed with member agencies to partnership projects that create benefits for practitioners. We have also been a strong advocate for CED across the country, building alliances across non profit and co-operative sectors to make an impact on federal, provincial, territorial and municipal policies. However, our capacity to do this work needs to be enhanced for the long term if we are not be at the mercy of government funding and policy changes.

Following direction from members at our Annual General Meeting the Board of Directors is establishing a Sustainability Fund and Plan, with a cross section of expertise to help build independent resources for the Network so that we are not dependent on project-based government funding. This dedicated fund will be used to leverage and invest in the long term capacity of the Network to serve its members and the interests of the CED movement.

We would like to ask for your contribution to this Sustainability Fund.

Several member organizations have made donations, through their employees agreeing to contribute. Other members have arranged for individual donations in return for tax receipts as part of their own planned charitable contributions. We gladly welcome both forms of contribution.

We are very aware of the tough financial conditions that many of our members face in their own work and the constant challenge of making CED activities sustainable. We are therefore restricting our charitable status fundraising to this direct annual appeal to members.

If you can contribute to this donor appeal we offer these options for your convenience:

1. Make a direct donation to CCEDNet of any amount that you can afford by mailing a cheque with this form. We will send you a charitable tax receipt.

2. Make an online contribution. A charitable tax receipt is sent to you automatically.

3. Arrange a payroll deduction with employees of your organization who agree to participate, (e.g. equivalent to “10 cents an hour”) and mail or fax us the names, and amounts of the donors and your contact information using this form.

4. Commit to a monthly donation by direct withdrawal from your financial services organization or by credit card by completing this form. We will send you a charitable tax receipt

5. Consider CCEDNet in your estate planning by including a donation in your will. We can assist you with the appropriate wording.

We thank you for your consideration of this appeal, and if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Rupert Downing, by phone at 250-386-9980 or (toll free) 877-202-2268 or by e-mail.