April Proclaimed “Social Enterprise Month” in British Columbia

April 3, 2014

The Government of British Columbia has proclaimed April 2014 as Social Enterprise Month to celebrate the expanding social enterprise sector and recognize its contribution to the strength and resiliency of B.C. communities.

Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae presented the proclamation at a Social Enterprise Catalyst Gala event in Victoria, kicking off a series of events in British Columbia over the month of April.

Based on a 2011 survey, B.C. social enterprises provided services to nearly 700,000 people and generated at least $60 million in revenues. B.C. social enterprises provide valuable services, offer employment opportunities, involve volunteers, and train thousands of people each year.

British Columbia was the first jurisdiction in Canada to create the Community Contribution Company – a corporate entity recognized by people who want to use their purchasing dollars to support a positive social impact, and by investors who are interested in both a social and financial return. Since introducing the structure in 2013, a growing number of social innovators are using the corporate structure to bridge a gap between for-profit business and non-profit enterprise.


BC Social Enterprise Events

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