CCEDNet Highlights from 2014

January 15, 2015

Last year was a busy one for CCEDNet. Here is an overview of some of our accomplishments.

2014 Highlights

• Website traffic has almost doubled in the last two years, with more than 1,500 unique visitors each week.  Our online toolbox now has over 800 resources and there are more than 100 posts on our blog.

• In January, we launched our “What is CED” video, receiving 1,000 views in the first 3 months.

• Our Facebook page received its 1,000th like and our Twitter account surpassed 1,500 followers in June.

• In its first 2 years, CCEDNet’s delivery of enterprising non-profits – Manitoba has supported social enterprise development with over $100,000 in small grants & technical assistance., our virtual showcase of social enterprise in Ontario, was launched in French and new interactive features added.

• In May, we held our first AGM with virtual voting & an on-line annual report.

• In 2014, more than 128,000 people used our website for news, events, resources & jobs.  In October we set a new record with more than 2,500 unique visitors per week. • CCEDNet members and partners presented at the New Economy Coalition conference in Boston.
• A new online membership system allowed us to launch an online member map, social profiles, and member directory.

• The national webinar series continued with 11 sessions (free for members) on topics like immigrant entrepreneurship, the UN Sustainable Development Goals & collective impact for CED.

• CCEDNet continued its partnership with Social Asset Measurements to provide discounted outcome measurement support for members.

• CCEDNet’s Spark pro bono matching service program surpassed $1 million in assistance for community groups.

• Our 12th annual Manitoba Gathering brought together over 500 people & featured Nancy Neamtan as keynote speaker.

• CCEDNet hosted several workshops and a Convergence Assembly for the more than 5,000 participants at the People’s Social Forum in Ottawa.

• We promoted and participated in New Economy & Co-op Week in October.

• CCEDNet submitted our recommendations for the 2015 Federal Budget.

• Updated policy proposals for Canada’s Social Economy were presented to key federal officials.

• CCEDNet engaged members in Manitoba to create new policy strategies for poverty reduction & social enterprise development.

All this is possible thanks to our members and funders.  Join us by becoming a member, or support the movement for inclusive and sustainable economies by making a donation