CCEDNet-Manitoba Submits Ideas to Manitoba Budget 2020-21

February 7, 2020

CCEDNet Manitoba is pleased to help shape Manitoba’s 2020-21 provincial budget through our submission. Our briefing was sent last week to Minister of Finance Scott Fielding.

The submission involves eight recommendations under three themes:

  • Stronger Economy: Manitoba’s Economic Growth Action Plan
  • Economic Inclusion
  • Stronger, Healthier, Safer Communities: Community-Led Development

These are exciting recommendations as they contribute to key inter-related priorities:

  • Manitoba’s economic growth, jobs, and employment
  • Innovation in addressing challenging social issues
  • Achieving stronger outcomes on the interconnected issues of poverty, access to employment, recidivism, and number of children under the care of Child & Family Services

We believe these recommendations should be included in Budget 2020 because they are, in many instances, already working in communities.

Our members believe that when these solutions and the entire CCEDNet Manitoba Public Policy Road Map are scaled up, implemented, or enacted, they will serve to build fairer and stronger local economies & communities, reduce poverty & homelessness, and tackle climate change – ensuring a more sustainable & inclusive social, economic, and environmental future in Manitoba for all.

As members know, our public policy mandate is the result of a democratic decision-making process. Every year, members of CCEDNet Manitoba work together to create a pragmatic, wide-ranging and solutions-focused set of public policy resolutions. At our annual policy summit, members gather to discuss and ratify these ideas after completing consultations and drafting resolutions. This collective process allows for well-rounded discussions, and not only produces smart and helpful policy suggestions, but also increases the knowledge and skills of our Network. 

Read the 2020/21 CCEDNet Manitoba Budget Submission here!

How You Can Get Involved

There are multiple ways to contribute to Manitoba Budget 2020/21, though time is running out! Visit to share your views, including through:

To learn more, or to find out how you can use this document to draft your own pre-budget submissions, contact Michael Barkman at  or 204.943.0547.

CCEDNet Manitoba 2020/21 Recommendations

The three themes of our budget submission contribute to the stated priorities of the Manitoba government for Budget 2020. 

  • Stronger Economy: Manitoba’s Economic Growth Action Plan focused on supporting CED enterprises and economic growth. It suggests recommendations for boosting Manitoba’s economic potential, creating jobs, reducing poverty through key economic activities, addressing climate change through a CED approach, and strengthening local, fair economies.
  • Economic Inclusion focuses on individual Manitobans, recommending key priorities to support inclusive employment opportunities for all Manitobans and boost support for fulfilling wraparound needs to address poverty.
  • Stronger, Healthier, Safer Communities: Community-Led Development includes recommendations related to government’s support for community-based organizations and non-profits that are leading the development of stronger and safer communities. 

All three themes contribute in different ways to positive social outcomes such as reduced recidivism, child apprehension, access to employment and more. These outcomes in turn contribute to a reduction on spending in some departments such as Families, Health, and Justice.

Read more about each of the recommendations in the 2020-21 CCEDNet Manitoba Budget Submission here!