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CCEDNet Blog

Posted: Fri 13 November 2015
By: Coro Strandberg
The global labour market is becoming more competitive, creating a serious challenge for employers seeking to hire the talented and productive workers they need to drive their businesses forward. In an effort to confront this growing challenge, the world’s most innovative companies are adopting...
Posted: Tue 10 November 2015
By: Nabeel Ahmed
Social Enterprises in Ontario: Opportunities abound Ontario’s social enterprise sector is dynamic and growing rapidly, as described in Enterprising Change: Report of the 2015 Social Enterprise Survey for Ontario. 597 social enterprises (SEs), both non-profit and for-profit, reported to a team...
Posted: Wed 4 November 2015
By: Yvon Poirier
In a certain way, this “new” economy is a return to the values that preceded the era of all around capitalism that we have known since the 50’s. This model is based on competition, to the benefit of the market, excessive individualism and consumerism. A model that shapes humans as wage-earners...
Posted: Fri 30 October 2015
By: Accelerating So...
This blog was originally published on KPN Blog site, “David LePage puts his cards on the table about the definition of social enterprise, why it’s a verb and not a noun, and how it’s marketplace value.” The definition of social enterprise continues on as a fascinating issue. In fact it seems...
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The federal election may be over, but governments and citizens can take action for community economies every day of the year by choosing how to spend, invest and vote with their dollars. 

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