CCEDNet’s Advocacy in Response to COVID-19

April 9, 2020

The CCEDNet team thanks our members for your commitment to the community over the last few weeks as we collectively face this unprecedented health crisis. Whether it’s continuing to provide essential food, health, and social services, finding creative ways to continue enterprising operations, naming and challenging deeply rooted structural inequities that are being laid bare, or just taking care of one another – community is our strength and we are all playing an important part.

To help you find information about various government responses and how communities are advocating and responding at a policy level, we created this COVID-19 Government Response document. 

Over the last few weeks, policy advocacy and change has been happening at an incredibly rapid pace. The CCEDNet team has been advocating alongside you and on your behalf to governments to respond to COVID-19 and consider what comes after.

Federal Advocacy

CCEDNet has:

Provincial Advocacy

CCEDNet has:

We will continue to work with our members, other networks and coalitions to advocate for the needs of our members and our communities during this challenging time.