Charting a Course: CCEDNet-MB’s 2013 Policy Agenda

January 7, 2013


In November, 32 CCEDNet-MB members came together to plan the Network’s policy actions for 2013. CCEDNet’s annual Policy Summit provides an opportunity for members to discuss, debate, learn, and vote on the Network’s policy-related activities for the coming year. This year, eight new resolutions were brought forward, and all of which were passed unanimously. Based on our members direction, CCEDNet will pursue a policy mandate that includes such topics as: community owned wind power, child care, accessibility rights legislation, social enterprise development, affordable and social housing, co-op housing. 

[download our 2013 policy resolution package]

Advancing these policies:

This package now becomes a tool for all of us to use in advancing our collective policy agenda with policy makers. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you in meeting our shared objectives. Some of you have already identified which resolutions you would like to help advance. Those of you who have not yet had an opportunity to do this, please complete this single question survey. Don’t forget to ask your staff team if they would like to be involved as well.

Teaching these Issues:

These resolutions also become an educational resource and many of you have indicated an interest in having CCEDNet Manitoba staff present these policies to the staff and board members of your organization. Please contact me directly to schedule a policy presentation.

Accessing the Package:

We have mailed this package to all members, and it is always available on our website here where you can view each resolutions individually or download the complete 2013 policy resolution package as a pdf.