Creating Manitoba’s New Non-Profit Strategy

June 20, 2019

Creating Manitoba’s New Non-Profit Strategy

CCEDNet’s recommendations to the Provincial Government 

In May 2019, the Province of Manitoba announced plans to develop a new non-profit strategy.

Find the Canadian CED Network’s submission to government here. It’s essential that the government hear from as many community-based organization volunteers, staff, participants, and funders as possible through their consultation.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to submit. If you’re feeling stretched to submit to this large consultation, feel free to utilize text from the Network’s submission for your own. Click here to view our submission. You can submit either online or via a written submission at ">. Find out below how else you can contribute to the consultation.

The stated intention behind the strategy is to build capacity and promote sustainability in the non-profit sector in order to guide future policy and spending. We agree that a strategy for Manitoba’s non-profit sector is essential to capture our deep social and economic impact, and to address some of the challenges we know that organizations are facing.

We plan to be part of the process to create a strategy, and will take every opportunity to contribute the perspectives of the Network’s members. Members have expressed a number of concerns or issues with the current consultation process, coming on the heels of funding changes through the new Building Sustainable Communities Program.

>A co-creation exercise that is founded upon and works in partnership with the knowledge of Manitoba’s non-profit, community sector would be the ideal process. A new strategy for the Province of Manitoba must uplift and centre the crucial work of community-based organizations and ensure access to the resources needed to achieve essential community development initiatives.

Add your voice to the online consultation

How to Get Involved

Want some help filling out the survey or contributing to the consultation? Or, want to get involved in organizing around funding and community development?

Contact Michael Barkman, CCEDNet Manitoba Public Policy Coordinator, at m.barkman at