1. Who is the Canadian CED Network Policy Council?

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Nabeel Ahmed
Montréal, QC

Lars Boggild
Vancity Community Investment Bank
Toronto, ON

Jillisa Brown
Social Economy Through Social Inclusion
Toronto, ON

John Buck
Community Economic Development and Employability
Corporation (CEDEC)

Montréal, QC

Rupert Downing
Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-operative
Victoria, BC

Ryan Gibson
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON

Norman Greenberg
Alternative Programs for Youth and Families
Hatchet Lake, NS

Teshini Harrison
Ontario Nonprofit Network
Toronto, ON

Marianne Jurzyniec
Affinity Credit Union
Saskatoon, SK

Pierre Madden
Basic Income Montréal
Montréal, QC

Carol Madsen
Vancouver, BC

Allen Mankewich
SEED Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB

Courtney Mo
Calgary, AB

Francine Whiteduck
Whiteduck Resources
Kitigan Zibi, QC

5. Let’s Talk! Are
these your priorities? Can we support your own CED policy work?
1. Who is the
Canadian CED Network Policy Council?
4. Tools you can use! 2. How do we do our work, and where do we get our mandate?
3. CCEDNet's Policy Priorities