Public Policy & Government Relations

CCEDNet’s Policy Work

CCEDNet provides a platform for its members to share information, collaborate, and coordinate actions to more effectively advance a pancanadian CED-related policy agenda.

The Policy Group enables interested CCEDNet members to network, share, and exchange information and ideas about policy work, mostly through an on-line team communication platform.  

The Policy Council, elected from among Policy Group members, meets regularly to carry out research, consultations, and due diligence to develop and advance policies for the scaling up of CED.


The strength of the network and our policy work is not simply in the Policy Council, but in the whole membership. 

The Policy Council gets its policy agenda and mandate from CCEDNet’s membership, which represents thousands of community initiatives working with tens of thousands of community members in every part of the country.  Our policy priorities have been developed over the years through dozens of consultations with thousands of individuals who are active in their communities.

This is why the Policy Council works with members in every part of Canada to advance our Network’s Policy Priorities, and to support the specific CED policy work that individual members are advancing in their own communities.

Current Policy Council Members:

Kumsa Baker
Toronto, ON

Lars Boggild
Vancity Credit Union
Toronto, ON

John Buck
Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC)
Montréal, QC

Devon Calder
Green Communities Canada
Kitchener, ON

Laurie Cook
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

Barb Davies
Institute for Community Prosperity, Mount Royal University
Calgary, AB

Kelly Dowdell
Calgary, AB

Rachael Howgate
SEED Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB

Kreisha Oro
Edmonton, AB

Len Usiskin
Quint Development Corporation
Saskatoon, SK

Candice Zhang
Ontario Nonprofit Network
Toronto, ON

Policy Priorities for Community Economies

Across Canada, people are taking action to create more equitable, inclusive and sustainable community economies. 

Governments can help.

CCEDNet’s Policy Priorities propose pathways to well-being for all, by impementing the federal Social Innovation and Social Finance strategy.