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The Emerging Leaders Committee is a group of young people establishedwithin the Canadian CED Network, working to increase the number and quality of young practitioners entering CED - with the goal of building a national movement of youth who are passionate about the future of their communities.

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What is Emerging Leaders?

Emerging Leaders (EL) is a group of young people established with "the purpose of increasing the number and quality of young practitioners entering into the CED field and ensuring an active and meaningful voice in the Canadian CED Network." Their goal is to build a national movement of youth who are passionate about the future of their communities.

EL's mission is to create awareness and action by youth, for youth, and about youth in the areas of: community economic development, community development, community civic engagement, policy development at all levels of governance, and program access.

EL members are involved in the areas above in order to address issues like basic needs (food, shelter, relationships); livelihood and liveability for individuals and communities; access to and knowledge of the various economies within regions and provinces across Canada; mediums of expression (tools, processes, techniques and the innovation for CED); self-actualization (capacity building); and citizenship and stewardship.

Where did it all begin?

In 2001, Emerging Leaders began as an initiative within the Practitioner and Sector Strengthening Committee of the Canadian CED Network. The committee was concerned about the approaching retirement of the baby boomer generation of CED professionals. At the same time, younger and older members alike were noticing how few youth were participating in the Network and that there should be a stronger youth voice within the movement.

Youth started becoming more involved with the Canadian CED Network and EL through participation in the editorial committee for a magazine which focused on youth-led CED initiatives across Canada. Additionally, the first youth-led workshop to be featured during the annual National CED Conference was held at the 2002 Winnipeg event.

This workshop looked at different ways for youth to be involved and different ways of working in CED as young people. Youth participation at that event started a very strong precedent within the Canadian CED Network.  After this conference EL started to come together and establish its presence as a solid group.

The Canadian CED Network was able to fund an internship position for an Emerging Leaders Coordinator in 2002. Since 2002 a coordinator has supported this group of young people. EL has continued to focus on their vision for the group and to create further relationships with other youth in their communities.

What do they do?

The EL committee is made up of a maximum of 15 members, all under the age of 30. The members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The committee meets monthly via conference calls, and plans to have an in person meeting once a year.

The committee works together as a group to provide recommendations and ideas for the Canadian CED Network and its members. They develop and shape youth programs and opportunities with the Canadian CED Network including:

The CreateAction Internship Program
This program provides paid learning opportunities for young people to engage in CED in their own communities. Over 60 young people have participated in this program.

The Youth In Charge Initiative
This project engaged youth to create economic and employment opportunities for young people in BC communities. A total of four rural and three urban community partners of the Canadian CED Network were engaged in 2008.

Emerging Leaders are:

• Attending local and national conferences
• Presenting at local and national conferences including the National CED Conference and the World Youth Congress
• Representing the Canadan CED Network in other national youth organizations
• Working to develop the Canadian CED Network's strategic planning around youth engagement strategies
• Developing communication and committee policies
• Writing funding proposals
• Developing and facilitating CED learning events (conferences, workshops, peer learning)
• Engaging youth in the Canadian CED Network's vision
• Connecting with youth interested in CED
• Developing projects based on social, environmental and economical values

As an Emerging Leader you will:

• Meet once a month (tele-conference) with the committee
• Share in the responsibilities of hosting and facilitating quarterly peer learning events
• Assist with writing funding proposals and policy
• Work as an advisory member to other CED organizations
• Commit to a one year term
• Contribute 4-6 hours per month
• Perform outreach and promote the Canadian CED Network, Emerging Leaders, and CED
• Have the opportunity to meet in person with the EL committee

Get involved!

If you are committed and excited about working in the CED movement and want to get involved at the national level, please let us know!

We continue to contribute to the Canadian CED Network's CreateAction Program for youth in CED, and have gathered profiles of youth-led CED and effective practice in youth CED across Canada. You can also participate on our dialogue calls, a space to learn, challenge and share your experience with others!

List of Youth Funders
More additions welcome, please contact mthompson at ccednet-rcdec.ca.

Terms of Reference

Emerging Leaders Terms of Reference (June 28, 2005)


Youth Engagement Coordinator:

Matthew Thompson | Email