Help Get CED into the 2014 Federal Budget!

December 4, 2013

The federal government has launched on-line pre-budget consultations and is seeking input from across the country. Through this process, organizations and individuals involved in CED have the opportunity to share ideas, express concerns, and to highlight the benefits of a CED approach. Your submission to the pre-budget consultations will support our collective vision.

The online pre-budget consultations can be found here. Feel free to use and adapt CCEDNet’s pre-budget submissions and our full set of policy priorities for your recommendations. Our recent letter to Employment and Social Development Canada on social enterprise may also be a useful resource, drawing reference to Minister Kenney’s statement of the federal government’s “enthusiastic and unqualified support for the entire drive towards social enterprise, social finance and social innovation and to work with you in finding solutions to make this growing sector a vital part of solving problems in Canada”.

The Prime Minister has declared, “Our Government’s number one priority remains creating jobs and economic growth to help hard working Canadians and their families prosper.” Let’s help the Federal government see the potential of CED for building sustainable and inclusive communities that benefit all hard working Canadians.

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